I am on a mission…and that to get you healthy…but look, healthy goes far beyond what you are eating, it is also what you are cleaning with, showering with and even what you are scenting your house with!! Sounds a bit “crunchy” I know, but stick with me…I’ll take you places, like to better health!

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Okay, straight to it!  Today we are talking about a subject that I believe many of us truly do not ever REALLY think about….like ever… and I believe we do not think about this subject like ever because our society has gotten really super amazing at marketing!  What am I talking about? Welp, I am talking about products…products that we use every day, several times a day in every aspect of our natural life….I mean, think about how many products you actually use each day, like from the time you wake up to the time you go to sleep you are exposing yourself to so many things its kind of crazy, and we don’t even realize it….The kicker here, is not only do we not realize how many products we are actually using, we don’t realize WHAT are in those products! YIKES! Now, this is where it gets really good and the health jazz comes in! 

There are so many products on the market that have so many things in them that are doing so much harm to us and we don’t even realize it is going on! Why don’t we realize this, for a couple of reasons I believe.  One reason is that we tend to be CONSUMERS not PROSUMERS…so we basically just purchase based off of feelings and emotions and sometimes nostalgia, (you know because your gran-gran used a certain soap back in the day and that is just what you use!) we often times don’t do our own research to really know what we are putting on our bodies and what chemicals we are exposing into our air…

The second reason we don’t realize that this is an issues is because if we are not automatically and instantly impacted by something in that exact moment, it does not phase us, it is not real to us because nothing has manifested…but look, I often say that small changes over time compound into big results…now, I didn’t say that they were great results, I said that they were big results, so if we don’t focus on it, then we could be compounding our action into some not-so-great big results! See where I’m going with that?!

Now, there is a study that found our individual houses alone harbor five hundred to one thousand chemicals…in our HOUSES! Most of us actually don’t realize this because we can actually handle certain toxins in small amounts…but that doesn’t mean that exposure over time wont effect us, or kids or even our furry friends! 

It has also been found that INDOOR air pollution is actually one of the most serious environmental risks to human health.  Think about that! It’s actually pretty frightening when you do. There are a wide variety of products that cause this from cleaners, hairspray, cologne and perfume and even air fresheners! 

These products emit what is called VOCs or volatile organic compounds.  These compounds can trigger asthma attacks, and even irritate your eyes and nose! These are issues that many of us suffer with and most of the time think nothing of it. In addition these VOCs can have longterm effects on your health, which we will touch on in a second…now, what to know what’s scarier? 

You think that reading a label will helm you but nope! Labels on products don’t help an awful lot; now why is that ….According to the records the federal government has not updated the law that regulates the personal care industry in over 80 years, since 1938! Other countries have taken heed to the issue of toxins in personal care products  and countries in the European Union have banned more than 1,300 ingredients in personal care products while the US, has only restricted or banned less than a dozen!

What adds insult to injury, literally in this case, is that there are not any regulations that requires manufactures to fully list their ingredients on their packaging or even on their online websites.

 As sited on the environmental working group website when companies actually are found to list their ingredients many times they use very generic terms like colorant, surfactant, fragrance.  It also goes on to say that the words are used to hide the compounds used that have been linked to various adverse health implications such as long-term effects to liver, kidney and central nervous system damage, and cancer.

So, how can you be your own advocate for yourself, your home and family? I have a few suggestion that you can implement immediately and for little cost to your pocketbook but at great benefit to your health!!! Here is my list of things you should consider ditching from your house and never putting on your shopping list again…

  1. Ditch the Air Fresheners + Scented Candles: Our beloved air freshening agents can actually trigger allergies!  What many of us do not realize is that these products have suspected endocrine disruptors…endocrine disrupters are simply  chemicals that may interfere with the body’s endocrine system. Endocrine disruptors produce tax the developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects
  2. Ditch the scented cleaning products: The have the same effects as the air fresheners and scented candles.  Attempt to utilize more natural products to do the heaving lifting when it comes to cleaning.  Look, I find that natural products actually work even better and a little goes a long way, which helps save you money at the end of the day.  If you don’t know where to start, check out the curatedhealthcoach website, where I give examples of natural cleaning products and recipes to boot!
  3. Steer clear of products that are deemed antimicrobial or made with triclosan  According to the EWG website triclosan has been linked to increased allergen sensitivity and disruption of thyroid function even at low levels. Not sure if your cleaning products contain triclosan because the ingredients are listed on the bottle?! Grab the Think Dirty app and get to researching!
  4. Avoid not doing your due diligence and simply picking up products with green labels or the ones that have the word ‘green’ in the name.  There are a lot of products on the market that are being ‘greenwashed’ meaning that they are marketed to look or make us think that they are “green” or healthy and beneficial for us, but they simply are not. So again…this is where being proactive as a PROsumer comes in handy

If you need a jumping of place or just want more information on the how to get going. Comment below or send an email to hello (at) and I will most certainly connect with you to help you clean your green! 

Okay, I want to hear from you.  What is your current ‘GO TO’ clean product, green or not!

Okay, until next time…and remember I am awaiting with bated breath to hear about your cleaning product addiction, which one do you use?! Check below for mine and what I traded it for!

To your health!