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So, nice to have you here. I'm Colet (more on me below), but let's talk about you!

 I believe I know you, or at least I know why you are here...  It's because you have great intentions.  Let me see...



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You purchase fruits and vegetables at the grocery store.  You 'like' and screenshot every healthy recipe on Facebook as you scroll.  And, you strategically purchase 'gluten-free' and 'sugar-free' snacks. Let me say, you should be proud, because you have the healthy-living mindset, and that's half the battle!


Now, I have to do my part as a health educator and tell you that despite your great intentions, most weeks, all of it is unfortunately for not.  How do I know this? Because I was there once; I was you.  


Your veggies go bad, your week gets hectic and you grab 'healthy' takeout (hint, there is no such thing) because you're too tired to cook, and although all your snacks are labeled gluten and sugar free, your clothes seem to keep shrinking...yep, I definitely know! (I talk about this exact thing here

You are frustrated, I know, but there is great news- fret no more, because you, my friend, are in the right place for a change!


welcome to


As a boutique health and nutrition concierge, Curated Health is obsessively dedicated to helping people who have busy lives, you know, packed schedules as a default of being an adult. Curated Health helps people just like you reach their health and wellness goals- effortlessly.

Curated Health provides an array of solutions to not only make your life  healthier, but easier to navigate. From personalized, comprehensive nutrition and meal planning, to online, self-paced programs and private membership opportunities and retreats. There is a solution that meets any lifestyle need.  This is what sets us apart.  We plan and curate for the individual, not the masses.

There is one common link with our clients, you can meet a few of them here.  See, they all have a singular goal, which is to get or stay healthy and save time doing it.  

What we do best at Curated Health is unlock the roadblocks that are keeping you from losing those ten pounds, eating better during the week, and learning to navigate the weekends without it all going to hell. 

Curated Health is here to make it happen, because here is the bottom line:

-You want and need to feel better

-You want to look even more amazing than you do now

-You want it all, but don't have the time to figure it all out yourself



You just don't know what you don't know.  This is where Curated Health can maximize your results and reduce the time it takes to get there.  

In short, you get results and reach goals faster simply because we know and understand that not one person, or family, is the same.  Everyone has different nutritional needs, time commitments and  goals.  

You don't live a one-size fits all life, so why leave your health to a one-size fits all mentality.  Put down the magazines, stop listening to all the noise that is meant for the masses and get focused on what is important, you! 


HERE is who will help...


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Hi again, I'm Colet Williams, Principal Health Coach and educator here at Curated Health.

With a certification as a holistic health coach and a masters in education, not only am I able to approach the subject of healthy living with an objective eye and an unobtrusive approach, but I also have the expertise to transfer that knowledge to you, which allows for complete transformation in your life, which equates to results, without restriction!

My vast knowledge in nutrition and study of over 100 dietary theories via nutrition school are not what qualifies me to help you.  

What qualifies me to help you is the fact that I have been able to not only help myself, and change the trajectory of my health, but also, my dad who suffered a debilitating stroke, a stay-at-home mom who hadn't lost her baby weight five years later, a professional athlete who suffers from an immune deficiency along with countless other clients through my understanding of proper nutrition and the body's response to such.  Bottom line. I help clients get results that they want, need and deserve


I created Curated Health to assist clients with the incorporation of healthy habits into their busy, time-deprived schedules. I am passionate about teaching nutrition and lifestyle balance.  I understand individualized needs and I understand how to empower you to tip the scale and get results.

It does not matter what your ideal results are: weight loss, lower blood pressure, tackling over eating, increased movement, or a focus on self-care, I honestly can say to you...I can help.

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It's time, we should chat over a virtual coffee or green juice and get clear on your health goals and how you're going to reach them. Let me know when you're available and we can make it happen! Schedule a time to chat here.