What’s the difference between a cleanse + a detox and do I need either? Juice cleanse, liver cleanse, colon cleanse, detox weeks! Can’t keep up?! No worries here…I got you covered…

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Today, we’re talking buzz words in the health and wellness space- detox and cleanses.

Although the terms detox and cleanse are often used interchangeably there are some differences between the two! What are they? So a detox’s main purpose is to eliminate toxins from your body via waste.  These toxins are things such as chemicals, heavy metals, things like that.  With a detox, the goal is to enhance the pathway of detoxification, mainly the liver. Now, a cleanse’s purpose is to clean your digestive tract, again, eliminating toxins, parasites and fecal matter from you digestive system. Many cleanses have you eliminate particular foods from your diet such as eggs, soy, refined sugar and caffeine.

For our purposes today, I am rolling with the term, detox! So let’s talk…The truth about detoxs…what to know? The research is minimal on the benefits of detoxes…at best,  the clinical evidence to support the true benefits of detoxing diets is very little.  However, this isn’t slowing down the detox industry as it is skyrocketing! 

People you speak with that have done these diets will tout that they have more energy, less brain fog and are feeling more amazing than they have in a long while. Why is this? Well, due to the shift in diet.  Most detox diets eliminate processed foods and additional sugars from the diet as I mentioned earlier…eliminating processed foods, imagine that! 

My two cents on this subject, for what it is worth…our bodies are magnificently built machines, ones, that can not be replicated.  Think about it, there are still so many mysteries about the human body it is mind blowing.  What we do know is that our body is built to support and maintain itself when given the proper nutrition.  And the thing is… our bodies detox for us! Our body’s have the ability to eliminate toxins on it’s own without us getting into the mix… think about the process of sweating and urinating. Look, our livers and kidneys are effective in filtering and eliminating most toxins that you take in…so, instead of detoxing, you probably should just be taking care of your body so your systems run correctly! So, are you still thinking about doing a detox or a cleanse?  Let’s talk pros and cons of detox diets…

Pros- If you need a mindset jumpstart, detoxes may be for you.  What do I mean? If you, like so many others today, thrive off of instant results, and in order to get truly committed you need to see immediate change…then this might be for you. 

The cons of detoxing or cleansing is that most of these diets revolve around calorie restriction as it is the short cut, that can have strange consequences. Look, I get it, and although being healthy can be work, taking short cuts is not the answer…I mean…think, most of the time a short cut isn’t what it appears and puts you behind the eight ball…stay the course to reap the results

So what should you do? Focus on eating whole-foods, drinking water and getting adequate sleep, so your body systems can rejuvenate themselves!

Okay, I would love to hear from you.  Have you done a detox or cleanse before? If so, what are your thoughts?! Tell me in the comments below.

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