Do you feel like you’re doing everything “right” when it comes to your diet, but you are still not seeing the result you want!  If you are like…HECK YES! Then this post is for you! You can click the video or keep reading...whatever tickles your fancy!

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So this week, I am talking portions on your plate! So here is the scenario, you are all like, "I’m doing everything I’m supposed to, but still not reaching my weight loss goals. What gives?" Well I have one thing for you to consider to, and that is your portion size. Ground breaking, huh?! Now, I know you are going to say that you are doing it all right, this may look like, eating clean, staying away from processed foods…you are doing everything on the up and up…so what gives?!  Your portions…

It’s good to remember that even too much of a good thing can be bad for use…so overindulging in “good food” can sometimes be have the same results as over indulging in other foods that may not be as ideal…This may look like you eating too much fruit throughout the day and spiking your blood sugar or maybe you’re eating or drinking too much protein.  When you really look at your portions and see if you are out of bounds with your portions  quite often you will find that you are serving yourselves too much… Look, eating too much food in one sitting is hard on your body!  Why is this? Well for one, food is meant to be spread throughout the day. Overdosing on too much food at one time causes pain, upset, and sluggish digestion.

You know that feeling…all of a sudden you get really sleepy and want to take a nap after lunch or dinner! I used to be notorious for this and it caused several issues with my gentleman collars…We would have dinner and a movie planned but somehow, I would never make it to the movie because I just couldn’t sit through two and a half hours in the dark! Why, because I had stuffed myself to the gills!

When you over indulge a surge of glucose is released into your bloodstream. Your pancreas has to work overtime, and pump insulin through the body to absorb all that extra glucose. This can make you feel spacey, weak, irritable, or make you feel as if you have a headache. Basically, your body goes into emergency mode and your adrenal glands go  into “fight or flight” mode and releases adrenaline and cortisol,  which is the body’s natural response to stress.

Now, when your blood sugar levels finally plummet, you experience insane cravings for more food—specifically simple carbs or sweets. Did you know research has found that immune system function is affected for at least five hours after consuming large amounts of simple carbohydrates. Five  hours! 

So, think about this if you are  doing this at every meal, you know over indulging, this same cycle is happening and leaves your body essentially not time to course correct! Yikes…so how do we fix this?! Is that what you are thinking?!  Okay, here are some tips just for you to tackle this portion distortion issue!

It can make or break those healthy habits you have been developing and also be the reason that you are feeling stuck.  Here are six tips to stop with the portion distortion!


-This first tip might just be my favorite…consider utilizing salad plates to control portions..portion size document

-Don’t over order – go for salads, soups, and appetizers, which are typically more reasonably sized than entrees.       

-Choose high-fiber foods like vegetables, fruits, beans, and whole grains to keep you feeling full and energized.         

-Chew well to aid digestion and give your brain time to register you’re full before you overeat.

-Get enough water. Often we mistake thirst for hunger.

-Carry your own snacks. Stock up on snack-sized containers and fill them with baby carrots, air-popped popcorn, or nuts.

There you have it! Six tips that will help you tackle your portion distortion and get you on track to reaching your health and wellness goals.

Okay, I would love to hear from you,  which one of the six portion distortion tips I shared are you going to focus on to get back on track?

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