In this edition of, Curated Crush, I am sharing my current go-to cookbooks that I use for weekly meal inspiration to spark my culinary creativeness!  As a former English teacher, it is no surprise that I am a book lover.  I never really got into the season of e-books.  For me reading is a more intimate affair where I prefer to touch and smell my books! Sounds weird, but it is the experience of flipping the pages that draws me into reading just as much as the words on the page themselves!  That is why I am always looking for a new and inspiring cookbook to get my hands on, one with a story and a soul.  I have listed my current favorites below.  

My cookbooks are tagged, highlighted and they are well loved!  I think that is important to note that to really get the most out of a cookbook you have to bring a bit of imagination.  Yes, the first time you try a recipe you will create it exactly as it is written, but the beauty comes when you begin to veer from the written words and create your own dish based on tweaks, opinions from the dinner table and your own palate.  This is where the magic happens! So yes, I have my favorite recipes in each of these books, but know that I have curated them to please me and those I cook for, and I hope you do the same!

3 Times a Day- Marilou Champagne

Written by Marilou Champagne this book hands down is my favorite of the moment.  The recipes she provides are hearty, savory and simple to make.  Marilou suffered from an eating disorder and as a part of her recovery she promised herself that she would not neglect her body and eat, three times a day. Hence, the inspiration for her book.

It's All Easy- Gwyneth Paltrow

Actress turned health and living guru, Gwyneth Paltrow, has released her latest cookbook, It's All Easy.  She gets some flack for her expensive taste and lifestyle, but anyone who appreciates or can appreciate food can see past all of this and find immediate joy in the recipes that she provides. My favorite is her different variations on noodle pots, which I have to say I have taken, run with and made my own in so many different ways! Now, I do have to be transparent and let you know that many of her recipes take quite a few ingredients. So, this one isn't  a book that you can run to in a pinch and just "whip something up."

Taste & Technique- Naomi Pomeroy

Exquisite recipes that can be recreated by the home cook, as the book's tagline says, and it delivers! This cookbook will help you elevate your home cooking and you will be utterly impressed with yourself once you try your hand at one of these recipes. If you are ready to up level your kitchen skills and cooking acumen let Naomi guide you!

Let me know if you grab one of these book or make a recipe! Find me on social media at @curatedhealth and use the hashtag #curatedcrush