Coffee is one of the two most recognized aromatic flavors, the other being tea. Every now and then I think its good to participate in a little DIY...Coffee scrub happens to be my latest project.  


You must be asking why, right? Well, I realized that beside the fact that I was discarding copious amounts of coffee grounds every week, I wanted a new "smell good" product that was different than what I already had.  Something that I could use during my weekly bubble bath, pampering sessions. I needed something that would also not be too abrasive on my skin, though I'm no delicate flower, I don't like to give my skin an unnecessary beating if it can be prevented.  Insert, a coffee scrub!

It has been said that caffeine can assist with riding of cellulite. With this mixture, the coffee will act as a mild exfoliant. The translation, it will be easy on your skin.  The excess coffee will also draw out extra moisture from your skin, leaving it soft, plump and glowing!

What I like about this project:

+ Making this mixture is almost as effortless as taking a breath

+ Your skin will have a polished after-glow skin

+ The price?!!!

+ The potential benefits from use coffee for your skin

Okay, now this whole coffee-scrub thing is definitely a new trending topic, and we all know that trending topics come with a trending price!  I am all about luxury and pampering but sometimes, you gotta say enough is enough!  Let's face it, if you make coffee at your house then you can basically go into coffee-scrub production. If DIY isn't your thing...I got you! If it is, check out the formula below and whip you up some fabulous coffee scrub and when your friends ask what you have been doing to look so good, tell them, it's all the caffeine!! Check out the directions to coffee scrub bliss below!


1/4 cup of coffee grounds  (I used Guatemalan coffee)

2-3 tablespoons of coconut oil

3 'dashes' of vanilla extract

Empty glass container


Take all ingredients and mix until all ingredients are combined.

Apply your scrub to your be honest my favorite use for this scrub is for exfoliating my hands, which always feels like they are dry and my feet! 

*keep your scrub refrigerated