When you are younger you take for granted several things, I think the most blatant of those things are the gift of time and friendship.  We, for some reason or another,  make the assumption that we will be given an endless supply of the junior and forever have the latter there-- without fault.  This most likely has something to do with naivety, but nonetheless it happens and affects majority of us, myself included.


In an effort not to rely on the thought that time will be never ending and my friends will be readily accounted for when the time suits I have made it a priority to continue to nurture my relationships and not put off that phone call, text message, champagne brunch, or Facetime call, for it to never come!  


I mean, seriously,  you look up and a year has passed since you have had a proper phone call with those who you use to see daily and talk to everyday, sometimes twice a day!  Or, if you’re like me and my BFF Krystal, thanks to technology you text someone -- in your head-- and forget to transfer it to your phone, never circling back around to get those thoughts out until you get a coincidental call from that exact person you were thinking about!

Through my personal health journey and working with clients on their journeys’ I have come to understand that health and wellness is truly not one dimensional. As I stated and have said countless times, your health is not simply what appears on your plate three times per day; many times that is secondary to other factors in our lives. A major player with your overall health are contributed to the relationships that we forge with others.  There is actually research to suggest that being with friends can actually have a positive outcome on your health! Here just four of the ways your health can benefit from spending time with your friends according to the Mayo Clinic:

  1. Lowered blood Pressure

  2. Increased self control

  3. Increased sense of purpose

  4. Boost happiness and reduced stress

Benefits such as, increased self-control, are perhaps due to the fact that you have another to bounce ideas off of and receive counsel from! I mean, I know I’m not the only one who has had to be talked off a hypothetical ledge every now and again! Without my confidants around I don’t know where I would be or, who I would be able to horse around with during our inaugural Galentine’s Day photoshoot for that matter!  Check out how my friends and I decided to get some quality girltime in...you know, for our health and all!!

To your health + to great friends!

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