Valentine's Day Gift Guide for Her

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I am most certainly a traditionalist when it comes to creating and maintaining holiday traditions.  Talking holidays I think my favorite holiday might just be Valentine's Day! It is a well known fact among my friend group that I treat Valentine's Day like my own sacred pampering day! I mean, shouldn't everyone?  My Valentine's ritual is a tradition that I have held true to whether or not I was in a relationship! So what does my day look like? Well, there are three non-negotiables: a long soak in the tub with lavender salts, a tasty treat and a screening of the Love Stinks movie.  Look, it's my guilty pleasure, this movie. I know it's not Oscar-worthy and didn't have a run at the Cannes Film Festival, but I can't get enough of the one liner zings! 

To help you out with starting your own Valentine pampering tradition, or just passing on the hint to your beaux, I have curated a gift list that is sure to make you smile no matter the gift giver!

1.⎥Silk Camisole ⎥2. Dutch Oven⎥3. Embroidered Cocktail Napkin ⎥4. Satin French Knickers⎥5. Mer Sea Espirit Bubble Bath⎥6. Spiked Glass Water Bottle ⎥7. Sequin Pump ⎥8. Heart Zip Pouch ⎥9. Francophone Trouser Socks ⎥10. Cookbook ⎥11. Perfume ⎥12. Metallic Knit Throw ⎥13. Nail Polish ⎥14. Champagne Gummy Bears 




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