The little black dress. The little blue dress. The grey pants. The merino wool sweater. The high-waisted jeans. Whatever the clothing is, it matters not, the only thing that matters is that you are confident and feeling great in whatever the piece of clothing you decide is your “it.”

Now, there may be one small hiccup, you can’t feel confident or great because you just can’t get into that “it” piece that keeps calling your name and haunting you from the depths of your closet.

Image via  @maryorton

Image via @maryorton

We can change that reality for you… Now, the question is why aren’t you able to get into that “it” piece? It may not seem so, but I am here to tell you that there is a simple answer and it may be one that you haven’t thought of or realized.  I am going to tell you that it is because you are not focused on the right thing. See, in order to get into the “it” piece, you are probably focusing on the scale. But the scale alone will not get you the feeling you are longing for when you are thinking about getting into that “little black dress.” The scale alone won’t keep you in that “it” piece for an extended period of time.  What will do this for you you ask? A mindset shift.  A focus shift. A true change.


Let me show you how to tackle this! In a video series I have created I  break down exactly what you need to change in your pantry, on your plate and what you should truly be  focused on if your goal is to indeed get back or just get into that “it” piece...the little black dress, if you will!  The videos are a step-by-step guide on how to reach your health and weight goals. It is uncomplicated and easy to execute. Check out the videos here and get them sent right to your inbox! Learn exactly why your health is more than the scale...let me tell 5 IS THE KEY!


Don’t miss it! Get on track and focused on your goals and let me help you get there!


To your health!

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