Recipe: Sweet potato toast?

Recipe: Sweet Potato Toast

With social media comes an influx of daily new trends! These come and go with a double tap and scroll, but sometimes there are ones that stay.  And I do believe that this new delight will hold on just like the avocado toast trend...welcome, sweet potato toast!

I happen on this tasty recipe while researching (the term I use so I don't feel like a total loaf) on Instagram one night.  The picture caught my eye because I absolutely j'adore anything that has the slightest resemblance to a bruschetta setup! Welp, I kept this one in my virtual cookbook and decided to pull it out one lazy Sunday morning...and here are the results!

The best part about this "recipe" is that it is a free for all and you can basically make it with anything that you have sitting in your fridge.  The only thing you must have, and this goes without saying, is sweet potatoes! Below is what ended up on my Sunday morning creation.

In addition to the items in the picture above, I sprinkled on some: freshly ground black pepper, pink Himalayan salt and capers. I used one medium sweet potato that yielded me 6 slices.  I cleaned the skin of the potato and roughly peeled the skin to give it a "homestyle" feel.  I after peeling and slicing I popped the slices into my toaster.  (If you don't have a toaster just put your oven on 375 degrees and place them in their for 8 to 10 minutes.) While they were toasting I made my scrambled eggs with fresh, pasture-raised eggs.  Once everything that required heat was done, I assembled my creations, really with no rhyme or reason! And violá! A tasty and healthy breakfast (or snack).


I would love to hear what you think about this new food trend and whether or not you will be trying your hand at it! Comment below and let me know what you decide to put on your sweet potato toast!