So, I never really paid much attention to my skin.  I really took for granted that I did not have to deal the issues of skin care, even as a teenager.  Quite often my friends would scold me for going out bare faced, that included no sunscreen, yikes! But my thought was (and still is) that makeup is cumbersome and just takes additional time from my cat naps, as I like to sleep and lounge right up until the minute I MUST start to get ready! With that said, I have just stuck with my tried and true face cleanser, the one that I have used since sophomore year in high school, and up until three years ago I used baby lotion to moisturize my face (I can feel you shaking your head in judgment right now)! 

It was not until I turned the corner to thirty that I started realizing that my "skin care routine" just wasn't cutting it.  My skin was feeling dry and that inner glow was waning. That is when I found out that I needed to be doing a couple of things differently and was introduced to some products that are out of this world!  Though I have pretty normal skin, the products I am sharing with you today are "skin-friendly!" Even the beaux, who suffers from psoriasis has nothing but great things to say.  

I must say that I believe it is important to take a look at your skin care routine, each season, just like we do our nutrition! With the various weather conditions, it can be extremely difficult to keep your skin in check.  Remember, don't make your skin a side note, with the approach of spring most of us will be outside enjoying the weather and chilling out at the beach and in the ocean (like my friend Mya and myself are in the picture above)! The products below are great ones to rotate into your spring skincare routine! Please know, that this post is not sponsored, I geninuely love and use the products below and I am a big believer in the saying, 'sharing is caring!' So, here you go!!

FARMACY Honey Potion// I found this product and now, will never let it go! Farmacy's Honey Potion, is an anit-oxidant hydration mask and it is decadent! I love a product that you can feel working...literally, you can feel your face being transformed by this liquid gold in a jar! When you put the mask on your face it immediately begins warming your skin. The honey potion transforms to a white cream on your face where the B vitamins and amino acids that are naturally found in the honey go to work. Do yourself a favor and grab your own Honey Potion, because one thing I know for sure...I'm not sharing!


IDLife Moisturizing Night Cream// This is my favorite moisturizer to date! And yes, I have tried several after my stint with baby lotion! My skin absolutely loves this cream. And truth be told, I sometimes apply it during the daytime too! Set to revitalize and restore your skin, this is a great topical cream that really moisturizes your face without being too heavy or too light! It's the perfect balance for amazing coverage and skin protection from dryness!



Origins Modern Friction// The downfall of the first year of my thirties? Not exfoliating my skin regularly. Did you know as you get older your skin cells begin to turn over at different times which leaves you with lackluster areas on your face? You know, one side is smooth as a baby's bottom and the other is as rough as sand paper.  Or sometimes, when you look in the mirror and your face just looks, well...dull? It is more than likely needing a little exfoliation, which you should do regularly (don't get over zealous a do it daily, then we will have a whole different set of problems)! Origins, is my brand! I have been a customer since my high school days, but never did I venture into the exfoliation realm! But now, oh, now I see the light and Modern Friction is definitely the messiah of exfoliating masks, if you ask me! I am never disappointed when I use this product and let me tell you, it is so gentle on my skin, somewhat of an oxymoron, huh?!  

Whether you grab these products or not, make sure that you take a second look at your skin care regime as we begin this new season.  Your skin and your selfies will thank you!



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