I recently hit my mid thirties! I thought I would be devastated, but I handled that birthday with grace and elegance...can’t say the same for my thirtieth, if I am being completely honest. Now, I expected grace and elegance to come along as I matured, but never, unwittingly, expected skin “issues,” if we can call it that.  

I do have a secret about this topic... I have never really been bothered with skincare, that is my dirty little secret and it feels great to get that off of my chest. But here is the thing, I think I just took my youth and good genes for granted!  I don’t say that to be boastful, but I make that point because of that fact that I did not feel the need to put any thought to my skincare routine. But oh, how times have changed!

Lately, since officially coming up on the middle point of my thirties, I was feeling like my skin was just blah.  It was ‘okay,’ but could have been better. I did not know quite how to explain it, but I felt it was missing a youthful glow. So, I decided to get my glow back and I am sharing what I have been using to do just that!

Now, before I go any further, there are some things you should know about me and my skincare:

I don’t wear makeup.  Literally, I wear a bare face pretty much everywhere: the grocery store, church, business meetings, everywhere!  This is unless it requires a ball gown on a random date night when I want to feel fancy. But more than likely you will probably never catch me with a full face of makeup.  


My skin has never been oily, dry or combination.  It just was. I spent most of my teen and adult life simply using soap, water and body lotion on my face.  Now, when I tell skincare experts this I see the look on their face, you know the look, the one that is super judgey, but enduring because the know if otherwise the sale is going down the tubes! Well, until recently l found that all of a sudden my skin was needing a super hydration factor, specifically on my face.  So, this is what really tipped the scales for me and made me get serious about attending to the situation!

These are my daily go-tos for promoting hydration both from the outside!

TATA HARPER: REPAIRATIVE MOISTURIZER This moisturizer has really worked wonders for my skin in a short amount of time. I love that it is not too heavy, but still gets the job done. The reparative moisturizer that I use from this all natural line is super moisturizing and leaves my skin just as dewy as it promises.

SAINT JANE CBD OIL I utilize this Saint Jane CBD oil daily, and quite more liberally than I probably should. This oil helps to brighten my skin and I have seen that the radiance of my skin has upleveled.  What I absolutely love about this oil is that it is 100 percent organic. This is something that is increasingly important to me, attempting to incorporate natural products in my skin routine regimen.


COLD SHOWERS So I LOVE hot showers. LOVE them! I mean, anytime my skin is submerged in water I want it to be almost scorching! But, here is the thing, my hot shower ritual has it’s time and place and though it is beneficial for so many other reasons, it does take a toll on your skin. So, to combat this a few times a week at the end of my shower I change the water temperature to arctic, well at least that is what it feels like!! It really gets my blood flowing and my heart pumping, I will tell you that! This small act actually gives you some instantaneous (yet not long lasting) results, as it shrinks your pores, so you definitely start your day with your skin looking tight. In the long run it prevents our skin from being stripped of their natural oils too quickly therefore assisting with locking in some hydration.

I do have to say that I believe that the state of my skin and not having to mess with it as much, in addition to not having to contend with breakouts or acne, truthfully, is due to my diet. Yes a little genetics plays a role, but mostly I contribute this to my diet! Look, our genes only play a small role in what happens with us, majority of it is all about our lifestyle, diet and the environment in which we situate ourselves.

Keeping my skin supported internally is so important for me. It is actually, the most important in my opinion, which may be why I never too much bothered with a beauty regimen that was supported by a ton of products. To me you have to be healthy on the inside or it doesn’t count! Same with your skin.  It is like having a house with the most beautiful paint color and trim on the outside but the foundation and structure is in complete ruin! It just doesn’t count, so that’s why I these things below a non-negotiable.

My daily go-tos for promoting hydration from within!

WATER I start my day with water. I end my day with water. I chase anything I drink (including coffee) with water! I truly believe that water is the real fountain of youth and so, well, I indulge! I try to start my morning with lemon water and not drink anything else before I have my that cup.



IDLIFE HYDRATE Hydrate is a gift from the electrolyte and antioxidant gods! I certainly make certain to add hydrate to my water if I wake up feeling dehydrated or right after any type of workout I do, whether it is intense or light morning yoga. And it is organic, so...score!



VITAL PROTEINS COLLAGEN I add collagen protein into my daily morning protein shake or smoothie.  I use Vital Proteins Beauty Collagen, the lavender lemonade. Because one...lavender lemonade just sounds beautiful, so how could it not be a part of my day! And two, and on a more serious note…..with studies showing that collagen may assist with the reduction of cellulite, reverse skin aging along with assisting with digestive health, it is a win win for me!

And of course, I couldn’t write this post without the disclaimer that supplements only take you so far and mean nothing without a nutritious, well-balanced diet! So you definitely can not skimp on that factor if you are looking to improve the quality of your skin.

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