Seasons Spotlight: Leeks

You can find two recipes in the Curated Seasons Fall guide that incorporate this really deceivingly tasty veggie!  I have to be honest and say that it was not until recently that I began eating leeks, yet alone purchasing them at the store and having them at my disposal at home!  If you haven't given leeks a try I highly suggest that you do! Read below to get the info about them so you aren't completely confused when you walk into Kroger!


Selecting Leeks

If you can't get down and dirty then you may want to keep away from leeks because they are just that...dirty!  I mean look at the picture above and you can see that.  The leeks in the picture were purchased from my neighborhood store and came exactly that way, dirt included.  When you select your leeks you want them to be tight and the white part (toward the root) should be nicely formed and not have any cuts or such.


Storing Leeks

Root vegetables are pretty sturdy.  Leeks will keep in your fridge for a few weeks.  When you get them home you should trim off the top of the leeks (the green part) if they are too long and won't fit in your crisper. Don't leave your leeks out in the elements, they have to be in the refrigerator.  And for my OCD readers out there, make sure that you don't wash them before you store them, as the water can make them turn to mush quicker than you will like! 

Cooking Leeks

Leeks work similar to onions, so they can be used in a variety of ways.  You can eat them solo with a sauce, put them in soups or pastas, make a pie with them, the options are endless!



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