Here is the one thing I absolutely know about eating healthy and making it a lifestyle...if the food is bland or boring it will absolutely not be sustainable! Our palates crave flavor and excitement!   My favorite way of infusing life into my healthy cooking lifestyle is through flavor profile. I love using high quality infused oils and vinegars to take simple meals to the next level! If you have spent any time around here, you will know that I love to travel...particularly to France.  When I am in France I am always mindful to bring back my favorite oils and vinegars, but let's be honest...they only last so long and as much as I would love to jump on a plane for the sole purpose of sourcing my favorite extra virgin olive oil, that is not the most practical use of money or time!  So, needless to say I had a bit of a dilemma because honestly, I just was not satisfied the options available to me here in the States.  I know, I are thinking "poor you, such a "first-world" problem; and I know, this may sound a bit pretentious but, as the quote from one of my favorite music artist goes..."when you're use to filet mignon, it's kinda hard to go back to Hamburger Helper." This is true.  Hands down. Think of what you use to put up with as a college co-ed and think of life now. Are you willing to go back? I am guessing the answer is a 'no!'

So, here is the great thing; I have no more dilemma and absolutely do not have to settle for Hamburger Helper! How, you ask?!  I have been able to source oils and vinegars that I love just as much, and the cost to get them is next to nothing, especially considering I don't have to jump on a jet plane to Europe!  So, where do I get these amazing products?! So tickled pink you asked...they come from this cute boutique concept store called vomFASS.  I absolutely love the store concept of vomFASS because they make exquisite oils, vinegars and the like accessible at an ultra affordable price! So for me, I never have to compromise my diet for the sake of taste.  It is an absolute win-win!  vomFASS offers exclusive cask-aged vinegars, exquisite oils, select wines, and spirits and liqueurs, direct from the cask! So it's has a bit of everything for every discerning palate! 

I had the pleasure of attending a recent event at vomFASS where Chef Jeffery Kollinger, of Tillman's Roadhouse and Spice of Life Catering, hosted a cooking demonstration showing off how to use vomFASS oils, vinegars and liqueurs to elevate your cooking! Check out the event in pictures! It was a great time and super informative! There are stores all over, however, I know that the vomFASS locations in the North Dallas area are always hosting various events including ones like I attended! Be sure to check them out, I promise you will absolutely love it! And the best part? You will never have a boring or bland meal again...that is, once you up level your "cooking potions" as I like to call them, with the vomFASS products! 

It's all about layers

When creating your meals, make sure to season and flavor each layer...especially when working with greens and making salsas and salads.


My favorite vomFASS products that are in heavy rotation in my kitchen? The Apple Balsam and the Garlic Herb Olive Oil! One word...AMAZING!


Are you interested in learning more about vomFASS or getting information on their next event? Click the link below to connect with them and get up-to-date information on events! 

vomFASS- North Dallas