It's true, I lost 20 pounds in 30 days! I am happy to say that this trend is still going and I am thrilled about it! You can read about it below, or if you are on-the-go you listen to the blog here by clicking the audio


One fact we all know is that it does not matter how many compliments one gets from your significant other, best friend or co- workers.  If you're not happy with it, whatever that “it” is, if you don’t feel "it," then it is not reality.  I mean, if you aren’t loving the way that silk dress hangs on your body or how you look in those new Lululemon's or hell, if you look at yourself in the full length mirror that you absolutely had to have because it went perfectly with the decor in your bedroom, but you are just absolutely disgusted with the reflection that you are getting back, none of it matters.  Basically, those people could have taken their compliments and shoved them. Period.  

I have to confess that  this state of not loving "it"  is most certainly the reality hell that I have been living the past, 6, okay...gonna be honest, the past 12 months.  I just want you to take all those feelings that I just talked about and roll it into the fact that you have decided to dedicate your life to  helping people look good, feel good and live a healthy life. Imagine that you wake up and you yourself  don’t feel any of those things.  What you do feel though is like is a fraud.  And for the past 12 months, that is how I felt was in all its transparency.

Now, here is the reality that we don't quite get in the moment.  Everyone's body goes through transitions and a lot of us struggle, I am no exception.  This is not something that you are guarded from when you suddenly receive a title such as, health coach. This my friends,  is called being human.  However, when you are in the midst of your struggle and in the throws of those feelings, your mind does not give two shits who you are or what titles you have.  Your every though becomes your reality. At some point, just like I tell my private clients, you have to get over yourself and be willing to do something about it.  Trust me when I say, I can certainly be the queen of the pity party.  I am a Pisces after all and that does mean that means I live in my own reality and at time wallow in my own self-pity.  So how does one, i.e., me deal? It's simple. I had to become my own coach and coach my ass out of what was going on with me. I am sure you are wondering exactly what that “what” was, right?  Well I will tell you…

I could not fit into majority of my clothes, the scale was slowly creeping up regardless of the fact that I was exercising more aggressively  than I ever had and I was eating a generally clean diet.  So what was the freaking issue?! This is what played over and over in my head for many months.  This is what nearly ruined an amazing spring ski holiday that the beaux and I took and prevented me from attending events, which not only hindered my personal life but started affecting my ability to network for my business.  Needless to say, it was not an ideal situation. I was baffled.  How could all of my coaching and advice help literally everyone else, but render useless on me?


This is the point when I had to get super real with myself.  I had to treat myself like my own client and get to work.  I dug up some notes from nutrition school about mindset and focused back on the basics of nutrition in order to create a plan that would get me out of this funk. The result? A twenty pound weight loss and over 15 inches lost in 30 days! Say whaaa?!

Y’all, I am not kidding after 5 pounds down in like the first week, I seriously messaged my best friend as was like, “is this real?!” I was in shock because I had been stuck for a flippin' year feeling  like so many others I had helped before...I could not see a way out before this.  The scale was starting to tip and the weight continued to release. I was feeling amazing, more confident and I became even more excited and empowered to help my clients get the results they wanted!

 Click above start watching now!

 Click above start watching now!


I am sure you are wondering what exactly did you change?  Well, I realized I was not really following my own rules. I was still technically eating the "right things," but I had allowed certain snacking of what should have been “limited-restricted” foods to come into my diet more often than not.  

Screen Shot 2017-10-05 at 2.45.27 PM.png


I went back to the basics (you can grab all the details about the basics here), and practiced what I preached.  I even got myself my own health coach to keep me goal oriented and accountable. Because, coaches need coaches too! I was able to refocus and get serious about being in love with my body again.

Look, what I know is when you make the thing, “the thing” results happen.  Where focus goes energy flows! When it comes to your health, especially with weight loss and mental happiness, it can not be an afterthought.  It can’t be a side-gig.  It has to be at the forefront of what you have going on or you will not see changes.  Think about it.  If Serena Williams just decided that she would “fit in tennis” around what she has going on because she just has “so much to do,” or “life got in the way,” or “she was just exhausted” she would eventually perform like shit.  Sorry for the language but it is the absolute truth!  Pure raw talent will only get you so far, ask any NFL hopeful that went to training camp and was back home before Carrie Underwood belted out one note before Sunday night kickoff.  

You have to want it.  You have to crave it. You have to keep that feeling that you yearn for at the forefront of your mind or you will get distracted and discouraged.  Sorry to break it to you, but that’s it.  Point. Blank. Period!

And that attitude, with informed tweaks and adjustments to my nutrition is exactly what has helped me begin to reach my goals and feel better about myself and what I have to offer!   You can do this too! There is no doubt in mind! All you need is a vision and a little help, and I can help you with the latter! Grab the video series guide, Jumpstart to Skinny.  In these videos I talk about the 5 exact things I did to start losing weight. This information in the videos are your no b/s, no fluff guide to help get your metabolism going and get you a win on the scale!  Seriously, these are the things that helped me start to see changes in my body in LESS than 7 days!  Grab your the videos here and tag me on Instagram (@curatedhealth)  when you use any of the tips!!

a vôtre santé (that means to your health! It’s French, it’s fancy & I like it!)