L-R: Krystal, Colet, Courtney | Galentine’s 2019 Shoot | Houston, Texas | SOA Digital Imaging

Created by a fictional character on a television sitcom, Galentine’s Day has infiltrated popular culture and  become a yearly highlight and celebration of women celebrating women! And me and my Galentine’s are here for it all!

There is nothing like a little girl time, which is why my Galentine’s, Courtney, Krystal, and I always make time to catch up every year-- in person, and of course document the occasion! This year’s theme was all about paying homage to the Houston, Texas hip hop culture, with a little instagram-worthy backdrop to boot!

We make this girl’s weekend a non-negotiable because in this culture of virtual connection we tend to forget how much personal connection, you know, face-to-face time, can fuel and inspire you.

L-R: Krystal, Colet, Courtney

Galentine’s, for us, is a part of a self-care ritual; we each believe that self care is a must and this includes decompressing and connecting with yourself!

This time cannot be dismissed as we all understand that we can not function without grounding ourselves and taking the time for us to anchor into relaxation.

So, how do we do it, relax and decompress? Well, this year we each are sharing what helps us stay grounded, but also pampered. Our must haves list is in constant rotation and we think these finds should be on your list too! And no better time than now as we are in the season of celebrating love, for both others and ourselves.



Colet Williams, Galentine Shoot 2019 | Houston, Texas | SOA Digital Imaging

So one of my go-to rituals is lounging.  I have said this before, my Granny, was a lounger and I, to my mother’s disdain, have picked up this habit as well! There is nothing like being alone and overly pampering myself! This, to me, means beautiful scents, comfortable loungewear and peace and quiet.

Here are my self-care must haves that perpetuate my love of lounging and overall of philosophy of, le vie en rose!

There is something that makes me feel so fancy when I mist my face! Weird I know, but in addition to the superficial feeling, the Herbivore ROSE Hibiscus face mist is super hydrating for my skin. I love it because it is nice to keep on hand especially during the winter, even if I am just lounging at home, at times the air can still dry your skin! Infused with humectant (aka- retains hydration) hibiscus flower extract and rose water this is guaranteed refresh you!

I lust over the Diptyque candles in two scents, leading the pack this season is definitely ROSES! Light this and you will literally feel like you walked into a secret rose garden, it literally is like having a new bouquet of roses every time you strike the match to light it!

Next on my must have list is the Luyna silk sleep set. You can’t tell me that it is not lust worthy!! I love this brand because their sleepwear, particularly this set, is naturally thermoregulating. This technology helps you to maintain an appropriate body temperature.  A bonus is that the back of the top has a stylish slit that also helps to regulate body temperature as well.


Courtney Azuike | Galentine’s 2019 | Houston, Texas | SOA Digital Imaging

I am a busy mom of two! Between juggling life, meetings and sneaking in a few date nights with the husband life can be non-stop! That is why I like to invest in the little things that I can use on a daily basis to pamper myself without feeling selfish! Here is what you will always find in heavy rotation at my house, and a little snack that is always in my clutch or glove compartment!

I initially purchased the Z Gallerie Oslo Throw for aesthetics, but it quickly became my go-to blanket when lounging around the house.  This blanket is not only beautiful, but very soft and warm. It is definitely a must-have!

I’m always on the move, whether it’s getting to my next meeting, exercising or chasing little ones around the house.  The Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager has been a lifesaver for my feet! I have the luxury of having this system in the comfort of my own home.  I’m able to indulge in the latest episodes of my favorite shows and get a massage all at the same time!

I have been in search for a protein bar that is not only great for my body but tastes great.  I have found that with Oatmega Protein Bars! These bars have been the perfect high-protein, sweet nutritious snack that gives me a much needed energy boost during the day.



Krystal Agbahiwe | Houston, Texas | SOA Digital Imaging

Like everyone else, I am busy. Constantly on the move and trying to keep up with the hubs and a toddler! My self-care routine has to be something that doesn’t cause me to change up my daily routine, because you know, I have a toddler! So, just like Courtney, I try to embed my pampering into my day and make sure that I take take moments out of my day to do just that!

For me, this starts with my skincare. To me, skincare is everything! I spend a lot of time basking in the sun, and due to that fact I use Obagi Vitamin C Serum to illuminate my skin and fight away harmful UV rays. This serum has so many amazing ingredients, it’s truly a pamper party for my skin. On top of that, it is guaranteed to give you that wonderful dewy glow!

Who doesn’t love a soothing bubble bath?!?! After a strenuous day, I love to unwind with my Becoming by Michelle Obama and melt the day away to the scents of Philosophy’s Raspberry Sorbet Bubble Bath! This delectable item is so grand for your body and relaxing your mind.

My lust runs deep for this hand cream! L’Occitane’s hand cream is for sure the “hands up” the best hand cream ever invented! This has been a life changer for me when I am on the go, or for a quick rub down from that special someone!

Let us know in the comments if you have tried any of our favorites, or what yours’ are!

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