Health boosters! You can’t step into a juice or smoothie bar without being asked if you would like a “booster!”  So, before your next trip to the local juice bar, or your shopping spree on Amazon after reading the latest health trend on Yahoo! News, let’s familiarize you with some common boosters! Today’s spotlight is bee pollen!

Bee pollen is actually one of my favorite boosters for many reasons, one- the suggested nutritional benefits, and two, because it is stinkin’ fun! Bee pollen is a nutritional powerhouse! It contains nearly all of the nutrients that your body requires.

Nutritional breakdown: Bee pollen contains carotenoids, amino acids, enzymes, trace minerals, almost all of the B complex vitamins, vitamins: A, C, E & K,  minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, potassium

Benefits: Now, it is important to note that the research is light on the benefits of using bee pollen.  Here are some benefits that are touted by limited research on the extended use of bee pollen.

  1. SKIN INFLAMMATION |  Bee pollen has been used to treat inflammatory conditions and skin irritations

  2. ENERGY |  It has been said that bee pollen can be used to combat fatigue and enhance stamina

  3. DIGESTIVE SYSTEM |  Bee pollen contains enzymes that can possibly aid in digestion

  4. RESPIRATORY SYSTEM |  Boasting a high amount of antioxidants, bee pollen may have anti-inflammatory effects on the tissues of lungs and preventing the onset of asthma

Taste: I know you are thinking, "what does bee pollen taste like?!" Great question... bee pollen has a floral flavor, that is slightly sweet.

Now, if for nothing else than an addition to your attempt at eating nutritious foods, below are a few ways you can give a little boost to your efforts by using bee pollen!

Try them and let me know what you think!!




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