Say yes to...Asparagus Salsa


ASPARAGUS SALSA. Look, when you are not necessarily eating like the other 99% of Americans you can feel like you have no options you can get what the younger millennials call FOMO, fear of missing out! But look, there is no need for all that drama! The answer is to up level what you are eating in a major way and that is exactly what I think this asparagus salsa does for my dining experience!

With just a few simple ingredients and a little mixing you have a great alternative to high-fat, and sugar-loaded dips that just don't do your mid-section justice!


Enjoy asparagus salsa as a traditional dip with homemade pita chips or sliced sweet peppers by simply blending all the ingredients in a food processor until it gives you the texture of a traditional guacamole.

My favorite way to eat this dish is to leave it unblended and treat it as a sauce topping. Finish off your baked tilapia with a scoop of this tangy mix on top, or make it the pièce de rèsistance! You can even add it to the top of your breakfast hash or protein bowl!

Asparagus_Guacamole_Bell_Pepper Chips_Curated_Health




Chopped asparagus

Juice of 1/2 lemon

Pico de gallo

Chopped purple onion

Mixed spices (your choice, but easy on the salt)

(1) chopped sweet orange pepper

Ground black pepper and Pink Himalayan sea salt (to taste)



Now, this recipe does not have exact measurements because I want you to be free in choosing what you add and how much.  This is strictly to taste! So keep a testing spoon on the side. So, here is what you do:

1. Chop up all ingredients.

2. Mix all ingredients all thoroughly and add juice of lemon (again, to taste)!

3. Now, let this one sit a bit so that all of the flavors can muddle together and get some goodness going!

TIP: You can turn this into a "guacamole" by giving it a pulse in the food processor to your desired consistency.

à vôtre santé!