I am providing you with the 4 things you should stop doing, if you want to lose weight! In addition to doing things right when it comes to weight loss, you can also be doing some things very wrong, or creating and establishing habits that are working against you. I find that most of us are offenders of at least two of the four...yikes! You can read about it below, or if you are on-the-go you listen to the blog here by clicking the audio.

Want to lose weight? 4 things you should stop doing.

There are four things that I have stopped focusing on that have helped me lose weight, 20 pounds in 30 days to be exact, but who's counting?!   I mean, there is so much noise out there around health, wellness and weight loss, that  it can be quite overwhelming.  You know what I mean, you have this commercial, and that star-sponsored weight loss method, this magic pill and don’t get me started on Instagram feeds full of “special teas” that will give you an instant Marilyn Monroe waist and Beyonce derriere. Oh, and how could I forget, buzzwords galore! Add this herb to your green smoothie and only use this product from Iceland because adding it to your eating routine will help you get that beach-worthy bikini body.  

Sometimes, if you are anything like me you are just like, FORGET IT!!! I don’t want all the extra... what is the friggin’ solution,  because none of this (insert expletive here) is working! 

Here is what I have found… the solution is to get through all the fluff and get back to basics. 

Through my education on nutrition, trials and errors with my own diet and helping clients get their shizz together, here is what I know.  If you make the “the thing”- “the focus” you will certainly see results! And I am guessing, since you are reading this, your focus is to lose weight. But I have news for you, get this...losing weight is NOT a focus, that is a result. So, now, I know you are like, what else would the focus be? Okay, let me tell you what your REAL focus is if you want to lose weight...NUTRITION!  If I am speaking your language I talk exactly how I did just that and dropped 20 lbs in 30 days here.  

But, yep! You read that correctly, NUTRITION! Meaning, every morsel you put in your mouth.  Focusing on this will ABSOLUTELY, UNEQUIVOCALLY get you the results! So, where do you start? You start by kicking these four things to the curb!  

(Disclaimer, I said not to focus on them for weight loss, something of the things on the list are definitely instrumental to overall wellness, so don’t get it twisted!) Now, onto the list.  


The 4 things you need to stop focusing on if you want to start seeing weight loss results.

1.    EXERCISING MORE |  Exercising is will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It is necessary for a well-balanced wellness regime, but it is not the end all be all when it comes to losing those extra pounds. The fact is, you can not do enough cardio to overcome poor eating habits.  Your body can indeed become complacent when we talk about upping your workout regime, as it adjust to your increased exercising regime. Your body is adaptable!  This means it becomes resistant, which is why you are having to constantly increase your intensity to see the same results as before. Now don’t get me wrong! I am a believer in weight training to give your silhouette a boost, but thinking that exercise is going to get it done is my thought process no longer! Not convinced? Check out the 2016 study done by Current Biology that supports this train of thought!

 2.    LOW FAT FOOD LABELS | Here is the real deal.  You need good fats in your diet. Period.  Your brain needs fat for various reasons and in fact when you don’t have fats you are actually sending deprivation signals to your body.  It is important to talk about low-fat food labels.  Be wary of this simply because when it comes to food, when you remove something, like full fat, you have to compensate with something else to get the desired taste.  This is exactly what food manufacturers do and what do they compensate with? SUGAR.  Which is a big no in my book.  So, it is actually better to enjoy the original version, in moderation, than subjecting your body to harmful chemicals such as sugar, which will do more detriment to your nutrition goals than anything else!

3.  EATING GLUTEN FREE | Aaaah...the gluten free debate.  You know, I quite often get asked by clients if they should just go gluten-free.  You know this has become one of those buzz words I was talking about.  The fact is, gluten free does not work well for everybody, a lot of us actually need gluten in our systems. SHOCKER! See, the only reason you should probably consider going gluten free is if you have a gluten intolerance or you are dealing with an issue like celiac disease.  Just remember.  Not one thing alone impacts your health when it comes to diet.  It is the sum total of your dietary habits in addition to your ability to self-monitor and work in moderation.

4.  SKIPPING MEALS | When you skip meals all you are doing is telling your body to hold on to the next thing you put in your mouth.  So basically you are putting a sign on your body that is saying, “Love handles welcomed here!” What am I saying? When you skip meals your body stores more fat. This is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what we want to happen! In addition, skipping meals comes with a whole slew of other issues like, being fatigued and lacking energy and can make many of us very grumpy, or what many people call hangry. And who wants that?! Think about the last time you skipped a meal.  When you did find yourself eating, was your portion larger than normal or did you go back for seconds, or maybe thirds, hell, fourths?! See what I mean! Lesson: Don’t skip a meal!

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