So often we are oblivious to our increase in weight until there is something “to do” or a realization that is glaring you in the face. You know, like a wedding where you will have to pose for pictures, a vacation to the beach where you will have to pose for pictures, or that picture your cousin’s friend posted and tagged you in from a birthday party! Yep, it’s usually when we have to face the reality of seeing ourselves like others see us that we become insecure and our awareness is heightened around our physical appearance.  It is only then that we are ready to take action.  Now I am of the school of thought to always be ready…not get ready! So, I am sharing some three actions that over time can have a significant impact on our weight that you can start implementing today, whether you have a wedding to head to next month or next year!

Limit distractions at dinnertime (lunchtime and breakfast time for that matter)

We have the tendency to do everything else when we eat other than focusing on our food. The issue with this is that when we are distracted when we eat majority of us overeat. This is because at the basic level of explanation, it takes about 30 minutes for our stomach to signal to our brain that we are indeed satiated. Because of this, if we are not thinking about eating while we are indeed eating we will not realize how much we have actually eaten and because our brains does not yet know we are full, we will keep the food party going! This is a simple fix. Stop talking, scrolling, watching and reading while you eat. Be present and stop the cycle of unconscious eating. Now, you may not see the initial benefits of this practice it will for sure make a large impact down the road for you and your weight loss journey.

Eat from a salad plate (in this case size does absolutely matter!) and fill half of it with vegetables!

In this case, size does absolutely and will always matter. Our portion sizes have gotten larger and larger over the years. It has actually gotten down right out of control. With all the Biggie and Supersizing it’s no wonder that waistband of yours is a bit tighter than it was last month. Now, don’t get all holy than thou on this one, thinking that you are a wellness guru and how dare I suggest that you biggie or supersize anything because you “don’t do fast food.” Friend, this may absolutely be the case, however, this size issue is not limited to paper bags that come from a window! We have seen an increase in the sizes of portions at fast food joints and white table linen restaurants the same. A great way to avoid this issue is, obviously if you are taking your dinner from a window, slow your roll on that one and definelty no upsizing, but if that is not the case then when in doubt ask for a salad plate. Move your portion to the salad plate (no stacking and piling)! If you don’t see this as the “proper” thing to do then you have a decision to make, and it is between doing what you know is better for your health or worrying about perception. Now, if you can resist not eating the entire plate, then you are good, but the fact is, many of us can’t, especially when we are in social situations and find ourselves distracted and chit-chatting (umm…see #1 about this instance!)

>>>Here a few salad plates that are on our list, because if we have to reduce intake we may as well up level the style factor!


Limit decision fatigue! (It’s a thing and its affecting your weight)

Decision fatigue. Now, this one is big, I am not going to harp on this here, but I am going to give you the quick rundown about how it’s affecting your weight. If you want to hear more on my thoughts of decision fatigue in detail and how it affects your health listen to this video (link FB Live). So decision fatigue is when your ability or even willpower to make a decision is significantly reduced after an extended period of making decisions. So basically how this works is after a long day of making difficult or numerous decisions you will begin to make poor decisions later in the day and this can have a significant impact on your weight loss because you are more than likely to make shortcuts when it comes to decisions around your food selections after a tough day of decision making. Combat decision fatigue when it comes to your health by incorporating routines that will limit decision making on the fly. There is a great resource all about how to create sustainable routines for health over in our signature membership program Skinny Changes. And trust me, it’s solid gold! Another resource would be batch cooking and meal prep. This really changes the game for your health in so many ways and essentially eliminates this issue all together! You can find our full video lesson and meal prep suggestions in Skinny Changes as well.

Which step are you willing to implement TODAY?! Tell me below in the comments and let us cheer you on!


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