Our on-demand programs are delivered online and packaged as a hybrid version of our signature membership offerings.  They are focused on specific and obtainable outcomes.  The amazing aspect of participating in an  on-demand program is that you can literally work on your health on your own time and your own terms while still getting the high touch interaction with Colet, the principal health coach around these parts!

This means that your individual questions and needs are still addressed during your program, just as they would be in a personalized membership program.


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Are you ready to stop falling into health fads that get you no where and actually start seeing changes on the scale and in your mid-section?  The Skinny Changes program will mentor you on the exact steps you need to take to see the changes you desire. Once you are done with this program you will have more energy, be less bloated and be well on your way to your ideal weight. Join me as I teach you the process I took to lose 20 pounds in 30 days and step into my own skinny changes.