Q: What makes membership with Curated Health exclusive? 

Membership with Curated Health offers exclusivity to each member that we serve.  Curated Health only accepts a predetermined number of members per calendar year. This ensures that you receive our dedicated and timely attention. It also makes it possible for you to  have ample time and access with your certified health coach.       

Q: What are the levels of membership you provide?

Currently we offer three levels of membership. For detailed information on a specific membership package click here

Q: I have a strict diet based on my personal trainer's recommendations, how will an exclusive health coach assist me?

Many personal trainers are excellent at their craft, however, have not been trained in nutrition and dietary theory.  Working in tandem with your personal trainer, your health coach will assist with dietary choices and changes that will promote and support those physical goals you are attempting to reach with your personal trainer.

Q: I am interested in embarking on a specific diet.  Can my exclusive health coach handle my request?

Most definitely.  Your health coach has been trained in over 100 dietary theories.  During your initial membership consultation you and your health coach will discuss your needs and make adjusts based on your desires and recommendations form your health coach to most benefit and support your nutritional and health goals.

Q: Is there an introductory membership? I travel for work and spend a great deal of time out of town.  How can I benefit from a membership with Curated Health?

Call our offices so we can curate a program designed to meet your needs.

Q: How long will my monthly health coaching sessions last with my health coach?

Each meeting outside of your weekly scheduled delivery lasts for a duration of 50 minutes.  This meeting can occur at our satellite offices or another predetermined location.  There is also an option for videoconferencing via Skype.

Q:  How does the mobile health coaching aspect of my membership work?

Details about mobile health coaching can be answered by reaching out to member services at Be certain to type 'Mobile Coaching' in the subject line.

Q: Is my personal health information safe?

Most certainly.  Curated Health and your individual health coach will at no time releases or conveys information in regard to your specify health needs to anyone or entity.  In fact, the primary tool that we utilize to get an initial understanding of your nutritional and health history is HIPAA compliant. Please refer to your membership contract for more detailed information or contact our offices for more information.

Q: Can I pay for my membership investment for the full term of my contract?

Yes.  Memberships paid in full receive a 15% discount off of the entire contract period.

Q: Do you have a corporate program? I am interested in providing the service to my team.

We have been honored to work with prestigious corporations such as Deloitte, American Heart Association and many more. At this time we are welcoming a select number of corporate clients.  If you are interested in being considered for the program please contact us directly at


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